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Survey information & link

The survey for "The Outdoors, Difference, and Identity in the United States" is designed to gather a range of data on non-traditional outdoor professionals - that is, people who have worked in the outdoor industry and who are one or more of the following: (a) not white; (b) LGBTQIA+; and/or (c) a person with a disability.

The survey asks about demographics; outdoors work history; experiences of and feelings about working in the outdoor industry; social, cultural, and structural challenges; and participants' feelings about their difference, ancestry, and how those aspects might have influenced their relationship to the outdoors in general.


Any question may be skipped, and a trigger warning and choice to omit is provided for one question asking about details on touch and personal space. All responses are collected anonymously. Please see Consent Forms for more details or contact the researcher with any questions using the contact form or information below.


Access the survey here.

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